Ivan coming out!

This is Ivan at the Low Country Muscle Car Charity Car show.

Just took all the paint off the hinges to celebrate them being external and very early brass

Ivan’s New Heart

A 1310 A Series Engine with Kent 266 cam, LCB header, rebuilt dual 1.25 SU carbs. Vacuum assist for the 7.5 inch Cooper S disc brakes. All the electrical was done by an engineer that had spools of aircraft grade wire that will not burn. He used a heavy wax thread to make the loom. Polished brass radiator. Air horns.

Charleston MINI Club

Kudos to all the members of the CMC. It is great to see so many folks passionate about their cars. I have to hand it to BMW, they have carried over the enthusiasm and passion for making the MINI/Mini your own! What a great group of people! Be sure to visit them at www.charlestonminiclub.com
The Charleston MINI Club

Ivan sees new life in 2019.

It has been 11 years since Ivan has seen a car show. 2 years ago right before getting laid off at Nokia, I rebuilt a 1310 engine, rebuilt the transmission and put a LCB and dual SUs in the car. When I brought Ivan to South Carolina, I was determined to finish getting it road worthy. I went to a couple of Cars and Coffee in Mt. Pleasant, then to the Annual car show at Trident College where Ivan placed 3rd in MINI class. First place went to a buddy that just purchased a 1990 Mayfair from Japan.

Ivan goes on Tour

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Ivan will be loaded on a semi open 24ft trailer and will follow his caretakers 29ft motorhome all over the US. Stay tuned for Ivan’s adventures.

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